Don't risk losing THOUSANDS to a buyers inspection, or even worse, jeopardize a potential sale entirely!

With national averages & inventory on the rise, a Pre-Listing Inspection has never been a more beneficial investment than now.

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Home Inspection Maintenance & Repair Reference Guide (2018) Spiral Handbook

General home system & component identification, requirements, restrictions & usage guide with charts, graphs, diagrams & pictorials for home inspectors, contractors, real estate agents, training institutions, homeowners, sellers & more.

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Home Fax™ Pre-Listing Inspection
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Licensed | Bonded  Insured

Online Scheduling & Payment Tools

Comprehensive, Diligent & Elaborate Inspections

Innovative, Detailed, Easy to Understand Reports

Effective & Consistent Communication

High Quality Equipment & Tools

Pre and Post-Inspection Record Checks

A la carte prices and customizable services for specific or additional criteria are available upon request.

24 Hour Turnaround Time

Home Fax™ Sellers Inspection
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How are Pre-Listing Inspections and Home Fax™ Reports beneficial to Real Estate Agents, Realtors, Agencies, Brokers, Property Managers, Sellers, etc?

It only makes sense that positive, favorable properties provide peace of mind & confidence for the buyer, as well as a smooth process for the homeowner & agent.

We understand the importance of how our findings are communicated & make sure your client understands that one issue which may seem major, may very well be minor. Every person has a different need & we make sure to understand that, communicating accordingly.

With a solid structure, friendly neighborhood & growing community, for instance, there are obvious benefits to the buyer that are made evident through our Home Fax™ Report.

not every home may be favorable to a Home Fax™ Report, as no home is without flaws, but many buyers also want the 'fixer-upper', can look past minor issues & rest assured that some 'elbow grease' is worth their time for the price.

identify, address & correct any discrepancies or observations before jeopardizing the sale. A supplemental Findings and Resolution Report can then be requested to show that the issue(s) was corrected.

This shows the credibility, honesty & integrity of the real estate expert & seller.

Helping obtain the maximum value for the property, from the most attractive buyers.

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Tenant Screening Reports for Landlords & Property Management Companies

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