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Know the Home Before You Buy

1.    Who is Nationwide Home Fax™, LLC?

Nationwide Home Fax™ is a Christian based company and national real estate information service, providing a brand new service and concept to the real estate market through informational reports.

What does Nationwide Home Fax™ do?

Our mission is for everyone to Know the Home Before You Buy™, and for every person to understand what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in any particular property prior to purchasing it. Our Home Fax™ Reports help you make informed home buying decisions, and smarter investments, by answering the most critical questions to our four major impact categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community.   

2.    What is a Home Fax™ Report?

A Home Fax™ Report is a background check, property investigation, and preliminary home inspection for any residential or commercial property with unique twists that incorporate personal, direct aspects of our four major impact categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community which help you Know the Home Before You Buy™. Our comprehensive reports summarize the findings and facts of our research into impact ratings to help anyone make an informed home buying decision.

3.    Why is a Home Fax™ Report unique?

We incorporate personal contact and direct observations and findings unobtainable from any other database or software program:, such as Neighborhood Contacts, Occupancy Contacts, Real-Time Photographs, a Pre-Inspection Analysis, and Videography, which give you a factual, thorough perspective of our four major categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community.  These, along with other data, photos, findings, and observations are thoroughly researched, analyzed, compared and contrasted, and summarized into an easy to understand PDF report.  Many companies offer limited information, which we incorporate and consider through the totality of our findings, but these sources fail to identify the most critical areas of need and often contradict one another. Our customizable packages comprehensively digest and analyze this information, demonstrating how one limited factor means nothing without the supplemental information and consideration of other major factors (ex. Contact with your neighbors) that we incorporate through our services. These help you make an informed home buying decision and potentially save you tens, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars!!

See ‘Why should I pay for a Home Fax™ Report instead of using free resources available to me through the internet?’ for additional information and examples. 

4.    What are Neighborhood Contacts, Real-Time Photographs, Pre-Inspection Analysis, and Videography? Why are these unique components so important?

Neighborhood Contacts: Provide you with priceless information, gathered directly from your new potential neighbor’s In-Person or By Phone, depending on which package you choose.  We obtain information, untraceable and physically impossible to be obtained through any database or website, using our Neighborhood Contact Points that target key aspects of the Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community.  Examples include, but are not limited to: the home condition, damage, improvements, or maintenance observations, receptiveness to new neighbors, neighborhood trustworthiness, reliability, and friendliness, overall perception of the neighborhood’s safety and law enforcement presence, ties and attractions to the community, economic changes or improvements over time, plus much, much more!  All of the information is used to supplement the totality of our facts and findings, helping you truly gain a full perspective of what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in your property.

Occupancy Contacts: Who knows what it’s like to live in the home you’re considering better than people who have previously resided there? We’ll identify and contact the previous occupants (not including the current homeowner) to uncover untraceable information pertaining to the home, neighborhood and community. 

Real-Time Photographs: Photographs of the exterior property and immediate neighborhood, taken in-person at the time of our Pre-Inspection Analysis, and Videography.  Think about Real-Time Photographs this way…upon listing your home for sale, would you include photos that negatively impact the perception, appeal, condition, and value of your home?  Then why would you imagine that anyone else would either?

Pre-Inspection Analysis: Included differently at each Home Fax™ Report level, based on cost, and is most efficient in the Complete Package.  Using our Real-Time Photographs and Pre-Inspection Checklist, we document, photograph, and analyze any current or potential condition or safety observations. Focus criteria includes, but is not limited to: structural, landscaping, grading, roofing, siding, chimney, ventilation, vegetation, and more. These condition and safety observations are analyzed by a licensed home inspector and compiled into your Home Fax™ report to help you understand their impact on your short or long-term safety, well-being, and investment.

Videography: A digital video of the home, neighborhood, and street recorded in-person during our Real-Time Photographs and Pre-Inspection Analysis.  This tool is used to help you gain a full perspective of what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in your property by seeing it first-hand.  Videography also includes any necessary recording unable to be accurately described through Real-Time Photographs our Pre-Inspection Analysis

Real-Time Photographs, Pre-Inspection Analysis, and Videography also help real estate agents and buyers identify any missed or correctable observations that may have otherwise went unnoticed or unreported.

5.    Why should I pay for a Home Fax™ Report instead of using free resources available through the internet?

Fair question, as Nationwide Home Fax™ provides an entirely new concept to the real estate market that no other company, website, or database offers:

Do you really understand what the overwhelming amount of statistics, databases, websites, records, and public resources mean in comparison to your family, investment, home, well-being, and overall happiness? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to decipher one point from another?  Do you understand how one factor relates to another, and what they actually mean as far as an outcome? Do you ever wonder, where did they get this information? Or where to even find the most critical, reliable information available? Have you ever wished you had additional information, unobtainable from these sources that our company offers?

Specifically, consider this: 

Did you really know what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in your current or previous property before you were there?

Have you ever experienced an unforeseen issue with the home, neighborhood, or community you live in? The neighbors you live by? The condition and continuous maintenance to your new purchase? How about a major repair that could have been avoided if you were informed? What about the business near your home that produces hazardous chemicals, leading to health and safety risks for your family? The teenager down the street that hosts band practice from 8PM-2AM every Friday and Saturday night? The violent sex offender who lived in your neighborhood, directly across from the bus stop where your child leaves for school?  Did you pay attention the condition of neighboring homes and understand how it affected your property’s value? How about the permit that was pulled, suspended, and never completed on your home before you moved in? The hidden factor that the seller never mentioned? There are thousands of examples, and oftentimes one factor alone is not enough to determine what it would be like to live, rent, or invest in a particular property. Even when you thought you knew all you could, chances are you missed something important. Now ask yourself one final question…

Do you really know what it will be like to live, rent, or invest in your next property?

Hence, our slogan: Know the Home Before You Buy™

7.    What should I expect from my Home Fax™ Report?

At the end of the assignment you will receive a comprehensive PDF report from your specific package criteria, with criteria and extras listed. The criteria is organized into our four major categories: Home, Homeowner, Neighborhood, and Community and contains impact ratings for easy understanding. The same icons used through the website are included through the report for easy recognition and focus organization

8.    Are Home Fax™ Reports customized if there is something I want to know, but don’t see it through any package?

Yes.  However, any customizable needs (ex: dog breed laws, recreational and medical marijuana laws, etc.) must be communicated and agreed upon by Nationwide Home Fax™ prior to accepting the terms of the online or direct sales agreement and submitting payment.  Customization is not guaranteed to be fulfilled based on access and availability to such information, expenses, time, and turnaround.  Nationwide Home Fax™ is not responsible for producing or supplying any customizable needs through online payment systems.  Please contact a team member to have your customization request added to the report.  Price is subject to change based on the type and amount of the request, although most additions will not affect the flat-rate. 

9.    Do I have to purchase a Home Fax™ Report online?

No. Home Fax™ Reports may be purchased online or by contacting a Nationwide Home Fax™ team member. The same terms of agreement that you may view through the online order system will be supplied through a direct sales agreement via e-mail, mail, or fax. The remaining process is identical.  Contact us at:


Mail:                29441 John R. Rd. #71302

                        Madison Heights, MI 48071

Phone:           (248) 629-6222

Fax:                (248) 629-6224

10. Who is able to purchase a Home Fax™ Report?

Anyone and everyone! Home Fax™ Reports are offered to everyone and anyone, including but not limited to: Buyers, Renters, Investors, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Property Management Companies, Private Sellers, etc. 

See someone we missed? Let us know at

11. How long does it usually take for me to receive my Home Fax™ Report?

Nationwide Home Fax™ will generally issue your Home Fax™ Report via email within 48 hours of receiving the online order form or completed sales agreement, and will always inform you of our expected turnaround time. Turnaround time is not guaranteed however, as some records, searches, and information retrieved (Freedom of Information Act Requests and Customized Criteria) may be delayed by parties outside of Nationwide Home Fax™’ control.  In these circumstances, we will issue the Freedom of Information Act Request records as a supplemental report, and will determine estimated turnaround time for customized needs when speaking with the client directly, prior to starting the assignment.

12. How does Nationwide Home Fax™ accept payment?

Payment is obtained up front, in full, for all services, no exceptions.  We do not accept payment plans.

Online Order Form: Debit and Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc.) or Bank

Direct Sales Agreement (Invoiced): Clients who request to pay online via after returning a completed Direct Sales Agreements will be sent a PayPal invoice by email in which all common forms of payment are accepted, including those through the online order form.

Direct Sales Agreement (Mail): Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Cashier’s Check, Money Order.

13. Will I be charged for any additional expenses over the flat rate amount for my package?

No, except for Freedom of Information Act Records (FOIA) copy costs and some Customization Requests. Most records and additions will not affect the flat-rate.  FOIA copy costs from the respective agency(s) are the responsibility of the client, and Customization Requests are subject to price change based upon access, availability, cost, and time.


We will communicate with the client and inform them of any expense amount from the requesting department or agency by phone or email prior to processing supplemental payment charges, when such information becomes available. The client may choose to eliminate this component to avoid such costs. Should the client choose to have FOIA requests completed, but decide not to have copies provided to him or her after standard assignment procedures, Nationwide Home Fax™ will not charge any additional expense, unless otherwise unavoidable due to the specific requesting agency’s policies and procedures outside of Nationwide Home Fax’™ control in which such institutions require payment from us.


Customization is not guaranteed to be fulfilled based on access and availability to such information, cost, time, and turnaround. Nationwide Home Fax™ is not responsible for producing or supplying any customizable needs through online payment systems.  Please contact a Nationwide Home Fax™ team member to discuss your customization request and have it added to your report prior to submitting payment. 

14. Can I request a refund?

No, refunds will generally not be issued or granted, but are at the discretion of Nationwide Home Fax™. Our customer service however, is of the utmost importance, and we promise to do everything reasonable to fulfill your needs and foster a great experience with us

16.  What are the similarities and differences between a Home Fax™ Report and a traditional Home Inspection?

No home is in perfect condition, and therefore no Home Fax™ Report will be perfect or free of flaws. But, if you would have known the various condition issues throughout your home before you bought it, would you have purchased the same property? Would you have negotiated a bit more (and rightfully so)? Did you really know the home before you bought it, or otherwise felt obligated? Most people consider a home inspection through the process of purchasing a property, but many do not understand the various aspects that contribute to your overall long-term happiness, return on investment, and susceptibility of that purchase. Although a home inspection is highly beneficial and strongly recommended when purchasing a property, a Preliminary Inspection Analysis is essential a partial home inspection, before you buy the home.

  • The Pre-Inspection Analysis is analyzed by a licensed Home Inspector, just as a traditional home inspection is.
  • A home inspection is completed after a buyer has agreed to purchase the property.  A Preliminary Home Inspection Analysis is completed prior to buying, and includes many of the exact same aspects as a home inspection such as any condition or safety observations: This now becomes a bargaining tool for the buyer and agent before entering into a negotiation.
  • A home inspection is a professional opinion, based on limited visual observation, of a homes current systems and components condition, function, operation, and safety at the time of the inspection, provided as an informational report. The Pre-Inspection Analysis takes this a step farther by incorporating many additional aspects of the home, homeowner, neighborhood, and community which provide a holistic perspective to the home, not limited to just condition and safety.
  •  A good home inspector understands the importance of communication (Subtly or cautiously identifying and explaining the distinct differences between minor and major observations, to not cause alarm from ignorance or misunderstanding, usually disregarding cosmetic issues). Nationwide Home Fax™ understands the importance of how our findings are communicated, and makes sure the buyer understands that one issue that may seem major, may very well be minor.  We use terms such as recommend, appeared, or observed instead of ‘red flag words’ that alarm the reader.     
  • The truth of the matter is that no one will ever be able to accurately predict every single unforeseen issue that may ever arise through the duration of a home investment.  Our limited visual observations are the same as home inspectors, but by completing additional components (ex. Environmental Hazards) we are better able to accurately develop educated opinions with reasoning regarding the short and long-term impacts on your investment, home, and time.  
  • Our Videography takes the Pre-Inspection analysis one step further. The digital video shows you a real perspective of the home, neighborhood, and block at the time of our arrival.  Videography also includes audio for any observations that may be tough or confusing to explain.    

17. Why are Home Fax™ Reports beneficial for the buyers’ market and the sellers’ market?

Nationwide Home Fax™ wants the buyers’ market to make smarter informed investments and reputable, honest agents and sellers to sell more favorable homes, quicker. Buyers seeking a home for their future, for example, are often times one-time clients (and spread the benefits of our services by word of mouth).  The real estate professionals are connected to a continuous buyer and seller market, allowing us to reach and help more people in the process.  As a result, our Home Fax™ Reports will become common knowledge for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals (similar to what a buyer may request for an automobile, or the common understanding of a home inspection).  Informative services in the automobile industry, for instance, primarily target dealerships who have extensive contact with the buyers’ market.  Those information services are then requested or provided to the buyer, helping them make an informed decision for their investment on a smaller scale, for example. We intend to become the one-stop-shop of the real estate market, incorporating additional services that we’ll roll out progressively -- In the meantime, we’re always receptive to feedback.

Let us know at:

18. Are results favorable only to the actual client since Home Fax™ Reports are offered to the buyers’ and sellers’ market?

Absolutely not! First and foremost, our Home Fax™ Reports are not a positive tool for dishonest people; that’s part of why we’re here!  If you are one of these people, we would recommend correcting the otherwise unforeseen issues that you once thought was unlikely to be found… We’re a comin’!  Not to mention, as a Christian based organization we feel blessed to know the Good Lord is on our side! There are two additional points to consider when it comes to our position in the process:

First, we cannot control the condition of the home, character of the homeowner, neighborhood findings, and community perception.  However, we can and will control how our facts and observations are communicated, delivered, and perceived.  A good home inspector, for instance, understands the importance of cautiously explaining the distinct differences between minor and major observations, and usually disregards cosmetic issues. Nationwide Home Fax™ also understands the importance of how our findings are communicated. We make sure the buyer understands that one issue which may seem major, may very well be minor, but we’ll never hide any facts or findings to benefit one party over another.

Second, just because a home is a ‘fixer-upper’, for example, doesn’t mean that’s not what the buyer is seeking to purchase.  Many people do not want move in ready homes, and are primarily concerned about the major aspects which will contribute to their long-term investment. Everyone has different wants and needs, and we take each individual perspective into consideration as we deliver our message, while always staying true and honest to the facts and findings!

19. How is Nationwide Home Fax™ helping change the world? How does Nationwide Home Fax™ benefit underprivileged communities?

As our intentions are to positively impact communities in need for the better of all, we have structured our business and package rates to offer a 10% donation of every single gross sale, for the life of our company, to Habitat for Humanity or another positive organization chosen from our monthly rotating donation program request. Each and every transaction, thereby helps communities in need rebuild, prosper, and grow.  As our sales and donations increase over time, our Home Fax™ Report findings will start to become increasingly favorable to communities and neighborhoods that have prospered through our donations generated by your support!  The more Home Fax™ Reports we deliver, the more we help people make informed investments, stimulate our communities, create awareness, and foster accountability! 

20. How is Nationwide Home Fax™ creating awareness and accountability through our findings and education?

Here are a few examples of how our services help positively foster this culture of awareness and accountability (see ‘How is Nationwide Home Fax™ helping change the world?’). 

Have you ever experienced an unforeseen issue with the neighborhood you live in, the neighbors you live by, or the community you reside in? The University of Michigan recently released the findings of a “neighborhood social cohesion” research and health study in August 2014. Not only were their findings shocking, but highly supportive of our services and the golden rule we’ve all been accustomed to: Treat your neighbor as you would want to be treated yourself. 

According to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health[1], starting in 2006 more than 5,000 participants over the age of 50, who had never experienced a heart attack, were asked to rate their neighbor’s trustworthiness, reliability, friendliness, and connection to their community on a seven point scale. (All of this information Nationwide Home Fax™ gathers through our Neighborhood Contacts).  The study revealed that participants who rated each of these community ties highest had nearly a 70% reduced risk of a heart attack. The risk elevated by 17% for each point deducted by the participant who rated these factors lower, and 148 of these participants ended up experiencing a heart attack during the study. 

In addition, researchers found that a person’s neighborhood, such as the amount of violence and the prevalence of fast-food restaurants, can elevate heart-attack risk. (Crime Statistics, Videography, Nearby Amenities, and Nearby Activities are all included through each of our Home Fax™ Packages). Those examples say a tremendous amount of how your health and well-being is influenced by your neighborhood interaction alone! Don’t you want to be aware of your neighbors before you’re stuck in your long-term purchase, or faced with a preventable health issue or tough financial choice, such as a short-sale?

As Nationwide Home Fax™ grows, we hope to see people become accountable and aware of their home, neighborhood, and community, knowing that a Home Fax™ Report is likely to be completed on their property.

21. What is one example of how a Home Fax™ Report can potentially save me hundreds of thousands of dollars?

We partnered with a real estate investor who was ready to purchase a relatively inexpensive, $110,000 investment property on a land-contract (meaning no mortgage, and no appraiser to approve a loan).  The property was very attractive from an investment perspective, until we conducted a Home Fax™ Report:  

  • We discovered an Electrical Permit and Roofing Permit for the interior and exterior that were pulled, suspended, and never completed before the remodel was started and finished two months prior to our research. 
  • The property was re-listed from a conventional mortgage to a land-contract shortly before the start of our assignment, and immediately after the permits were suspended.
  • Nationwide Home Fax™ arrived at the property to conduct Real-Time Photographs, a Pre-Inspection Analysis, Videography, and Neighborhood Contacts.  We observed large amounts of moisture damage to the roof, which appeared to be re-shingled over, as well as two large electrical lines that were cut at the exterior of the home and actively producing electrical current (dangerous!). 
  • Expecting to see unfinished work on the interior, we instead observed a new remodel to the interior, including: new drywall, carpeting, furniture, and fresh paint.
  • What did this mean to us and the investor?
    • It appeared that after experiencing electrical problems, renovations continued despite the permits being suspended and the issues not being corrected or secured.
    • To appear newly renovated, the inside was completed before the outside could be completed without:
      • a) someone being electrocuted from the exterior cables, which were still live as they were not corrected from the interior or
      • b) as the permit and completed work required a post building inspection, the owner did not want to put the time or money into fixing the issue, being fined, or losing money later in the transaction.
    • The seller then re-listed the home on a land contract and sold it himself, for roughly the same asking price, as the issue would have been found when a lending institution required an appraisal, certification, or inspection.
  • The property that at first glance appeared so attractive, was the next potential money pit and the investor backed out. Our client was able to make an informed decision, and saved at least $110,000!!

That's how we help you Know the Home Before You Buy™

22. What is the 10% Referral Bonus Program?

Do you ever want to make some extra cash? Do you know anyone that’s moved, bought a property, rented, invested, or entered into a new lease agreement recently?  How about a real estate agent, broker, inspector, or ANYONE else who may be affiliated with the real estate market?  Are you a salesperson by nature? Love to promote great products that reward your effort honestly?

Chances are you do – and you’re in luck!  Receive 10% referral bonuses when any new client lists your referral number or information on an order at the time of payment. Every time, anytime, no matter how many referrals you generate! No catch. Money in your pocket, just for talking!

23. Why does Nationwide Home Fax™ have a Referral Bonus?

It’s a win-win-win:


More referrers means more people talking about us. Awareness is created, sales are generated, and donations are provided to communities in need. The more we can help the community through residual donations, the more we have (and you have) helped people Know the Home Before You Buy™.


Money is definitely not of most importance, by any means, but we want to reward those who help us fight the good fight. Not to mention, it's 10% of one sale, any sale, not just a coupon for a free car wash or two dollars off your next $100 order that you’ll never place again. Up to $80 or more in your pocket, per referral! Find another company that offers you or anyone else that incentive, with no catch, and let us know…we're looking for partnerships to grow!


You are helping us with every sale, and for that we are so truly thankful and blessed to be sending the 10% bonus your way ~ you've converted another sale, and we are for profit.

24. Who can be a referrer? 

Anyone and everyone. See ‘How do I become a referrer?’ or drop us a line at

25. Is the same 10% referral bonus offered to everyone?

Yes. No matter who you are no, no matter how many people you refer. New clients only.

26. How do I become a referrer?

#1: Referral Number (Recommended)

·         Contact us by phone or online.

·         Provide your name, address, and phone number*.

·         We’ll issue your unique referral number to give to potential clients.

#2: Client provided inform

·         When a new client hears about us from you, the referrer, ask that they complete the referral section* of the online order form or direct sales agreement.

·         After we receive the order form or agreement, with payment, we’ll contact and speak with you to let you know that you’ve been listed on the referral section.

·         We’ll verify your provided information, and bonus check.

·          Cash your check, do it again!

*Your information is NEVER shared with anyone else, and strictly used to complete the verification process of the referrer to issue the bonus check.

** The referrer or referral number must be provided when ordering online or completed through the referral section prior to submitting a direct sales agreement.  No late referrers will be credited for the bonus, although discretion is allowed by Nationwide Home Fax™.

27. Why do I need to provide my name, phone and address to you or a client to be a referrer?

1. We don’t know who to issue the check to if we don’t know your name.

2. We can’t contact you to find out your name if we don’t have a phone number.

3. We can’t issue your check, or show proof of issuance, if we don’t know where to send it.

4. If we don’t hold up our end of the bargain by issuing your bonus check, how would our referral program (and sales) grow?

5. We’ll ask where you heard about us and offer you additional marketing materials to help you earn extra cash faster. Not to mention, we very much appreciate our referrers and want to say ‘Thank You’.

28. How many times can I refer someone?

There is no limit! If you need any marketing material, feel free to contact us and we’ll send you what you need! Once you have become a referrer, no need to supply all of your information to each additional potential client. Provide them with your referral number, and the sky is the limit!

29. How do I get my referral bonus check?

By standard mail. You should see it within 7 days after we contact and speak with you.

See ‘How do I become a referrer.’

30. Can I apply my referral bonus as a credit to a Home Fax™ Report?

Yes.  If you want to apply your referral bonus as a credit to a Home Fax™ Report, we’ll send you a credit memo that never expires and can be used on any future Home Fax™ Report purchase.  

31. What happens if I don’t receive my bonus check?

No worries. We track all of our bonus checks with the invoice number for that specific assignment.  If it’s lost in the mail and you don’t receive it after 10 days, please contact a Nationwide Home Fax™ team member. We’ll cancel that check, issue you a new one, and apologize for the delay. 

32. What happens if I refer someone, but they don’t list me as a referrer?

No late referrers will generally be credited for the referral bonus, but discretion is allowed by Nationwide Home Fax™.  Reason being, we as a company become susceptible to false referral claims by allowing extended periods of time after the sales agreement has been returned and payment has been provided.  We ask how our clients heard about us, at which time they should recall that they were referred by you, or someone directly. To alleviate this risk, contact us directly and get your referral number, or let us know if you believe a client is on the way.

33.  What is the 5% Testimonial Feedback Bonus and who is it for?

The 5% testimonial feedback bonus is offered to each of our clients, and is an additional incentive to help us improve our company and better serve our clients wants and needs.  After completion of the assignment, the client has the option to complete the Testimonial Feedback Form, which is supplied during the intake process.  Regardless of the client’s feedback, we will issue a 5% feedback bonus for the post-completion form, completed in-full, and returned to Nationwide Home Fax™ within 10 days of issuing our report to you.

34. Why does Nationwide Home Fax™ offer Testimonial Feedback Bonuses?

We collect your feedback for a few reasons:

·         It’s an incentive for you that allows us to improve our company, and foster changes that help our clients! We’re receptive to feedback and constructive criticism.

·         It allows us to say Thank You for providing us with an honest recap of your experience.

·         It helps us show others the benefits of our services.

35. How is the Testimonial Feedback Form used by Nationwide Home Fax™?

With the 5% bonus, clients agree to allow us to publish their feedback through our marketing material, or other documentation, as a testimonial. We strictly publish only your first name and last initial for credibility and accountability purposes. Your full identity is NEVER shared with anyone else.

36. How do I get my Testimonial Feedback bonus check?

By standard mail to your current address; the same process as the Referral Bonus. You should see it within 7 days after we receive the completed form. Remember, this must be submitted back to Nationwide Home Fax™ within 10 days of receiving your Home Fax™ Report.  

37. What happens if I don’t receive my bonus check?

No worries. We track all of our bonus checks with the invoice number for that specific assignment.  If it’s lost in the mail and you don’t receive it after 10 days, please contact a Nationwide Home Fax™ team member. We’ll cancel that check, issue you a new one, and apologize for the delay. Here’s our contact information for your convenience:


Mail:                29441 John R. Rd. #71302

                        Madison Heights, MI 48071

Phone:           (248) 629-6222

Fax:                (248) 629-6224

38. Does Nationwide Home Fax™ share or sell any of my personal information?

Nationwide Home Fax™ will NEVER sell, supply, or provide any of your information, without legal obligation to do so, or your written permission…period. ‘See: ‘Why does your client need my name and address for me to be a referrer?’ or ‘How is the Testimonial Feedback Form used by Nationwide Home Fax™?’ for any additional clarification on what information we need from you and why.  Of course, please feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions or concerns:


Mail:                29441 John R. Rd. #71302

                        Madison Heights, MI 48071

Phone:           (248) 629-6222

Fax:                (248) 629-6224

40. What should I do if I still have a question not answered through Nationwide Home Fax™’ website?

We would be more than happy and willing to answer any and all questions.  Contact us through any of the following means, whichever is most convenient for you…


Mail:                29441 John R. Rd. #71302

                        Madison Heights, MI 48071

Phone:           (248) 629-6222

Fax:                (248) 629-6224




Know the Home Before You Buy

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