With a Home Fax™ Report, you make an informed decision with confidence and peace of mind...potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars or more!

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What is a Home Fax™ Report?

The combination of a Background Check, Property Investigation, Preliminary Home Inspection and information gathered through personal, direct contacts unobtainable from any database or website.

Why is a Home Fax™ Report unique?

We include important information unobtainable from any database or website, gathered through personal, direct contacts.

Our Neighborhood Contacts, Occupancy Contacts, Preliminary Home Inspection Analysis, Real-Time Photographs and Videography are thoroughly analyzed against reliable market data and third-party information, helping you make an informed decision and smart investment.

What you will receive:

PDF Home Fax™ Report with the criteria associated with each package.

FREE PDF Environmental Report

FREE Online Home Energy Audit Report

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Home Fax™ Report Packages

A la carte prices and customizable services for specific or additional criteria are also available upon request. Please contact us to obtain rates.

Basic Home Fax™ Report
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Enhanced Home Fax™ Report
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Complete Home Fax™ Report
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Personal Home Fax™ Report
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How does a Home Fax™ Report help you Know the Home Before You Buy™?

Impact Categories

We target four major impact categories that affect your family's long-term investment, happiness & well-being, including the: Home, Homeowner(s), Neighborhood & Community.

Impact Ratings

Each Home Fax™ Report outlines individual impact ratings pertaining to the four major impact categories, quickly & easily helping you Know the Home Before You Buy™.

Consistent and effective communication through recognizable symbols and labels, helping you easily understand your comprehensive report.

Need help finding a home?

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